Aspark Owl

Aspark Owl has landed

In December, new OEM Aspark opened its own official showroom near its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, displaying the two prototypes used during the development of the company’s all-electric Owl, which it says is the fastest accelerating car ever produced. The company also established close partnerships with top retailers in North America and Europe. After the initial period of direct sales, it is now is ready to provide more flexible services to customers through its network of dealers that will be probably added in Europe and the Middle East.

“It was a big challenge to meet the aggressive targets of the Owl,” said Masanori Yoshida, Aspark CEO. “But with the 14 years of automotive engineering know-how, and with great support from our Japanese and Italian collaborators, we overcame all.

“The world would be a more exciting place if there were more people thinking about exciting things,” Yoshida continued. “That’s why we will never give up our mission, and we will keep [producing] many exciting projects like Owl.”

The Owl is the first of a series of extreme and disruptive automotive projects planned by Aspark, an established Japanese engineering and R&D company.

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