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At Danecca we believe that having the ability to take your project from concept to delivery seamlessly is of the utmost importance, key elements of the project are effectively communicated between each department through your dedicated project team.

 We have invested in the latest technology through all of our disciplines ensuring that whether your project uses one or all of our departments you are guaranteed that your project…

Battery development

Battery development

We can carry out all aspects of design including Engineering, Procurement and Project Management. We pride ourselves on our engineering discipline, using data-driven decisions and the concept of Failure Mode Avoidance to deliver the best product.

Our engineering team spans every discipline required for battery pack design and development; we have in-house Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Software engineering personnel.

Validation & verification

To ensure that the battery meets your application, we perform up front validation testing to make sure we’re engineering the right battery. To ensure that the battery performs as expected, we perform cell, module or pack verification testing. We provide full traceability from your incoming requirement through to the validated engineering decisions and ultimate test results.

We can also conduct tests on your existing design with our in-house test capability, which includes Shock, Vibration, Thermal & Humidity as well as Pack, Module and Cell performance and ageing tests.

Our in-house facilities allow us to perform UN 38.3 transportation testing.

Battery manufacture

Battery manufacture

Our prototype build shop has access to onsite rapid prototyping equipment, in-house cell wire bonding and micro-TIG welding. This enables us to rapidly trial new design ideas for fit, form and function. This early verification strengthens the integrity of our engineering, ensuring that all our products are Designed for Manufacture.

Our module and pack build lines operate using automotive industry best practices. We have a range of in-process and end-of-line testing capabilities for resistance, conductance, isolation, power performance, sealing and torque, with a quality management system to ensure consistent and repeatable testing.

Battery intelligence

We’re passionate about removing barriers that prevent increased use of Li-ion battery packs as a tool in the fight against climate change and provide energy security. We can help you understand regulations, cell chemistry selection options, industry best practices, or create bespoke reports on whatever question is holding you back.

We have an extensive knowledge of the battery industry, and our own benchmarking library of cells, suppliers and design solutions with which to help you navigate the pitfalls of applying new technology to your market.

Anybody can build a battery

We engineer them to last...

Whether your project is in Automotive, Aerospace, Off Highway, Grid, Marine or anywhere else requiring engineered energy storage we have the knowledge and experience to help.

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