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eMobility Delivered

Danecca was founded by those responsible for one of the most competent EV batteries developed to date.  Where the textbook fails to guide you, we are here to develop your project, from concept through to industrialisation.  We have hard earned experience in this most arduous of environments and will deliver a battery into your project with the highest of engineering discipline.

Power Your Concept to Success

Dedicated to Engineering Excellence

Whether a niche or a mass market EV battery we have the means to deliver into your project.  At Danecca we will provide an unbiased and data driven development cycle to meet your project requirements.

Cell Testing

Front-end validation of the cells’ ability to deliver under each customer’s unique operational requirements adding a credible alternative to the oversubscribed
offerings of academic institutions.

Environmental Chamber

We can test:

  • Up to 16 channels at 100A, or
  • Bank the channels for a single-channel 1600A test.

Our environmental chamber is capable of:

  • -40°C through to 120°C, and
  • a Relative Humidity of 10-98%.

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